Blender is arguably the best software to use for planetarium animations. This page contains starter .blend files for free public use, as well as tutorials covering useful Blender features. These tutorials cover everything from beginner basics to extensions beyond the normal feature set of Blender.

.blend Files

  .blend   Description
  Blender Setup File   Starter .blend file configured for planetarium rendering using the Cycles render engine.
  Blender Beginners - Modeling   Use with "Blender Beginners" tutorial - modeling example.
  Blender Beginners - Materials   Use with "Blender Beginners" tutorial - materials example.
  Blender Beginners - Keyframing/Animation   Use with "Blender Beginners" tutorial - keyframing/animation example.



Blender Tutorials

  Tutorial   Description
  Blender Beginners Tutorial   22 September 2015
An intro to using Blender for dome animations. This tutorial covers the basics of modeling, materials, and keyframing/animation. A great place to start if you have never used Blender before.
  Blender Cork Tutorial   4 October 2015
Boolean modifiers in Blender are a great way to modify 3D objects. They are also a great way to crash your render. Blender does not have good support for applying boolean modifiers to complex objects, but luckly there is a workaround. - CORK.
This tutorial will walk you through the basics of using Cork to apply complex boolean modifiers to 3D objects for use in Blender.
  Coming Soon   Coming Soon - Character Animation
  Coming Soon   Coming Soon - Advanced Modifiers